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Hello, LJ

Yes. I thought I'd post something.

Things are going well here in Central North America.

The family (well, most of us) just returned from another wonderful trip to Poland. I really do want to live there someday, but I'll have to wait until I retire or something. People keep sending me these bills to pay. I pay them, then they send more in about a month. What's up with that?

My daughter (the one family member who didn't go with us), is starting college in a couple of weeks. She's not at all ready for such a thing, and I have dreadful concerns about how miserably she will fare, as nearly 100% of the decisions she makes are the complete opposite of what a sane, reasonable, sensible, mature person would do. I have tried for years to get her to move past fourteen years of age, and she won't do it. She's turning 20 towards the end of this year, and she still thinks that life is simply about texting your friends, spending time sneaking around with boys your parents know nothing about, sleeping until noon, and watching television all day (the most horrific shows about how cool tattoos and unwed pregnancy are, and how fashion is EVERYTHING).

I write all the time about how our culture makes babies of teenagers these days, and expects them to remain childish and helpless until about age 26. It's ridiculous. We were once a country of people who went out on the frontier and built communities out of wilderness, and many of those strong people were only in their teens.

I decided long ago that my kids will be capable, mature, well-educated, independent, etc. For the two boys, it is just like that. For my daughter, though...

She simply rejects everything her parents suggest, request, instruct, or advise, and does the opposite. Such ugly rebellion. So self-destructive. For what? Parents or not, if someone who has been through this life for many more years than you have says, "You know, I'd try it this way," why would you not listen? Why would you not at least TRY it to see if what they say is remotely correct? You could always reject it later and do something else. By ignoring such advice, you hurt only yourself.

I suppose in the next few years she will either have a rude awakening, and learn on her own what life is really like, and improve some thought processes, or she will fail horribly and be another one of those "Where did I go wrong?" people who have no clue how they ended up in Life-long Bad-decision Camp.

I really don't know what to do besides what I've already done.

I keep hoping that she'll be successful and then in ten or twenty years maybe she'll mature to the point where she'll say, "You know, I finally realized that you guys were right, and that you had my best interests at heart the whole time I was growing up. I should have listened to you more back then, and I would have avoided a lot of pain and suffering."

Well, I wasn't intending this entry to be all about that. Other things are going well.

I just need more time to write, as I've complained here before. Now that school has started, I'm happy that I can get back to a 'normal' schedule, and perhaps find a little time each morning for that.

Who knows? I might even post more entries here on good ol' LJ!


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