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There's an iPhone LJ app! Too bad it doesn't use the native spell check/assist.

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Being In Love

Being in love with you
is as foolish as being in love with
a tree
a body of water
a storm

It's as meaningless and senseless as
loving a force of nature

And yet I love you
not because of anything you do
or say
or are
but simply because you exist

Either this is true
or there is no such thing as
being in love

Perhaps it was a false idea
sung by some demented minstrel
in days of old
sticking in some primal corner of our minds
even now

Lying to us . . .

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Not in the sense of "careless". I'm simply without a decent thought to share.

I am missing someone who doesn't exist. This is, of course, the worst form of loneliness.

I guess that counted as sharing a thought.

Intermission over. Back to existence.


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What I Like About Writing

It slows down time.

Everything is so rushed these days.

Writing forces me to slow down, think, and put a stream of my thoughts into
a lasting format.

Because it will last, I have to be careful. I have to choose my words precisely.

It makes me examine the moments about which I am thinking in minute detail.
The slowness of the process makes me relish each facet of the thought or memory:
I see each color in my mind's eye more realistically, smell each scent again, or
wonder with a completely different sense of amazement than I had at the first
experiencing or imagining of whatever it was.

No matter how fast a typist I am (and it's pretty fast), my thoughts are still slowed
down to a reasonable speed.

I even love the days in which I used to fill up notebook after notepad with my
hand-printing in black ink. Now that slows down some thought processes!

How I long for that slowness. It breathes life into me.

It's like making love instead of having sex.

It's like enjoying a leisurely meal with bright conversation instead of grabbing a bite
at the drive-through on your way to some obligation.

It's like walking in the country instead of driving through it at 65 mph.

It's taking time to smell the roses and every other tired cliche that has
ever been invented to tell people that they need to slow down before
life is gone . . . all rolled into one tremendously fulfilling activity.

And that's just one of the things I like about it. How about the incredible
chance you have to reach into the mind of another human being and touch
it in some meaningful way? How about the legacy of building something
with words that will live on, long after your body is dust? It's time travel!

What a great joy is taken from us who have this ecstatic disease,
as we go to work and move papers and emails from one folder to
another, draining our souls into huge corporations in return for
electronic digits direct-deposited into our checking accounts
just in time to make us sickeningly grateful that we will be allowed
to be enslaved for another two-week pay period.


There's no place like home.
There's no place like home.
There's no place like home.

. . .

Didn't work.

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It's not possible to overestimate the value of what Alexander Pushkin did for Russia. He literally gave them (back?) their national identity.

He was like, "Hey guys. What are we doing trying to be all French? What's with the French language, fashion, literature, aristocracy . . . We're RUSSIAN! Let's be Russian and show the world who we really are!"

He made me wonder recently: Do we need someone like him in our time, to make us remember what it means to be American?

We have become caricatures of what was worst about Americans, and I fear that we will never regain the respect and admiration that we once had.

That can't change from the outside, I've decided. Other peoples can't just decide to change their opinions of us. America has to change from within. We have to decide that we want to be different, and then most of us have to actually do it, even if it requires sacrifice.

Proof that such change is unlikely to happen: After reading the paragraphs above, how many of us would respond with, "What's wrong with America?! Nothing! If you don't love America just get out!"

Ironically, if I didn't love America, I wouldn't write honestly about her current state.

There's a huge difference between patriotism and nationalism, as I read recently.


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Rant 924

I've come to the conclusion that a large number of American information providers have decided that a huge (and growing) percentage of the information-consuming public is so unintelligent, uneducated, and generally uninformed about current events (I wonder why), that they can simply be manipulated at will and with impunity.

Someone needs to track down these lying bastards and put them in front of the public and ask them: "Why did you say or write this when it is clearly untrue? What made you think such calumny would go unnoticed or unpunished? You have proven yourself unworthy to live with us in a civilized society. You are banished."

"I didn't know it was false!" is no excuse. You have a duty to check facts before you write or speak so adamantly.

Just one recent example of this execrable behavior is the circulation of materials stating that President Obama will be the first President since the establishment of Memorial Day to not visit Arlington National Cemetery to lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknowns.


Bush, Jr., Bush, Sr., and Reagan have all skipped it before. Bush, Sr. NEVER did it once while President.

President Obama is doing a speech and wreath-laying at Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery, and VP Biden will be covering Arlington. To me, he's making sure TWO ceremonies are going on to show respect for those who gave their lives in the service of our country.

What's with the haters?

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Well, I'm traveling again. Too tired to watch 24.
Must get some sleep.

I didn't sleep well last night for some reason.
Or maybe it was eight reasons.

I'm staying in a different hotel this time.
No reason to believe that this one is haunted.


Girl with the Pink Thing in Her Hair

Why are you so uncomfortable with yourself,
who least should be self-conscious?


That's all I want to know. Why?

Why, what? you may be asking . . .

Why all of it? I'm not going to sit here and complain, but why is
everything so stupid and wrong? Why are the intelligent, hard-working
people who know exactly what the hell they are doing overruled by
idiots on a daily basis? Why are the people who deserve recognition,
thanks, and an improved life continually kicked down, put down,
and told "Well, maybe you can do better next year."?

I do better NOW. I am better than you, smarter than you, and
a better leader than you'll ever be. You are a blind fool if you
can't see that.